Little House In The Hay Field • The Velazquez Home
The Headland, Alabama, home of Ann and Dino Velazquez is a far cry from small, but “little house in the hay field” is the jovial nickname a friend has given the home place. The couple turned what was flat farmland into a property with rolling patterns of land that better fit their chosen Tuscan style. Around town, it is affectionately known as “the Olive Garden house” for its unmistakable Italian vibe.

The Madigan Home • Soulfully Surreal
When approaching the Dothan, Alabama, home of Dr. Merle Madigan, there are many expressive words that come to mind. “Traditional” is not one of them. Spend a little time with her, and it won’t take long to understand why. “I wanted to do something different,” Madigan explains. “Something emotional, personal.” And that is exactly what she did. She located a property that felt right and proceeded from there.

The Keyton Home • The Great Eight
To enter John and Christy Keyton’s home in Dothan, Alabama, visitors must first pass through a courtyard that, with the help of Rhoda Boone of Buds N’ Blossoms Nursery, Christy transformed into her own secret garden. “Rhoda and I sat on the front porch in a pair of rockers. I told her what I wanted, and she brought my vision to life,” Christy tells. “The space became an extension of indoor living.”

It’s taken Joan and Steve Ray more than two decades to sculpt their Enterprise, Alabama, property into what it is today. “It was kind of like a dream and vision we’ve had our whole married life,” Steve tells. That dream sprang forth in the form of a sketch Steve drew on a napkin. “I don’t have the artistic mind he does,” Joan says. “He can envision how he wants it to look.”
     Years of visiting area outdoor destinations had resulted in a clear sense of what the Rays desired for their own land. “That’s what we do when we travel is look at other people’s gardens,” Joan says. “We went to Callaway back in the mid-80s and we loved it,” Steve tells. “So, this is a mini Callaway.”

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Without Walls • Outdoor Rooms

With warm weather arriving, we begin to venture outdoors, shedding our layers and curing our cabin fever with fresh air and sunshine. Here in the Wiregrass, where the temperature only dips for a short portion of the year, it is only natural to extend one’s living spaces to include the property surrounding the home, using the land to entertain, cook and relax. Elaborate or simple, tropical or rustic, these outdoor rooms make the most of life in our region. Here, we peek over the fences of a few Wiregrass families who’ve given life outdoors priority status, constructing personalized spaces that suit their lifestyle.

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