Power Within • Artist Dale Kennington
Dale Kennington has a superpower. She sees things others do not. No, she is not on another metaphysical plane; she is simply a keen observer capable of seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary. It is the mundane that captivates her: the curve of an extension cord as it unfurls against the backdrop of a concrete floor, paper boats floating across a water-filled plaza or the light illuminating the edge of a waitress’s white apron.

Open To The Past • The Pittman Home
Townley and Dana Pittman have long had an appreciation for history. Both their families are fully entrenched in the Wiregrass, and Dana’s grandfather, John Pittman, was the Coffee County agricultural extension agent in the early 1900s, a time when the boll weevil’s devastating effect on cotton crops caused the region to diversify, a shift that ultimately led to our title as the Peanut Capital of the World. His character even appears in the play, The Depot, which catalogs this struggle toward progress.

Race In The Wild • Homing Pigeons
A pigeon isn’t a bird usually known for its noble or daring deeds. Perhaps the time has come to change that perception.
      Homing pigeons have been utilized throughout history for a variety of tasks. In World War I, they sent messages. Within the past 40 years, they had a shot at carrying lab samples between European hospitals. Today, they monitor air pollution in London. And here in the Wiregrass, they provide an entertaining hobby for Headland, Alabama, resident John Ross Helms.

Homegrown & Handcrafted

Homegrown & Handcrafted

Editor's Letter
September/October 2016

Home Plate    September/October 2016

Home Plate
September/October 2016

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