Great Gatsby Christmas • The Vaughan Home
Tim Vaughan of Geneva, Alabama, came to Dothan, Alabama, to buy a pair of tennis shoes and left with a 1927 French provincial craftsman home in the heart of Geneva. The friend with him that day told him the property was for sale, and it didn’t take long for Vaughan to know he had to have it, though he had no intention of leaving his family farmhouse of 59 years. “I fell in love with the house,” he explains.

Warmth & Magic • The Slavins Home
With Bill’s merry disposition and Laura’s warm hospitality, it is easy to imagine the Slavins as slimmed-down versions of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. They are an affectionate, amiable pair—easygoing and kind. They embrace both friends and strangers, and are quick to provide a helping hand. They enjoy life to the fullest, and because of that, there seems to be a faint shimmering in the air around them, something a bit magical, that makes life more enjoyable when they are about. That same sprinkling of enchantment envelops their home, particularly at Christmastime.

A Holiday Haven • The Nowell Home
The Christmas season is ushered in with carols, lights and festive décor. Along with that comes an exciting air of expectancy. There’s a little extra pep, a twinkle and depth in the soul. Approaching the Dothan, Alabama, home of Dr. Mike and Beth Nowell, the warmth of Christmas emanates beautifully. Lights strewn gracefully across the front lawn set a welcoming tone for this holiday haven, and bring due attention to Santa and Mrs. Claus, who gladly receive guests from a window above the front door.

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January/February 2017

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