The Donaldson Home • Speaks For Itself
If you frequent Dothan, Alabama, there is a good chance you’ve driven by Jennifer Donaldson’s home and never given it more than a passing glance. From the curb, its treasures are well-concealed, the thoroughly contemplated details and passion that went into the original design unapparent to passersby. And when Donaldson initially looked at the home, she wasn’t impressed either.

The Harper Home • Linking The Past & Future
For nearly half a century, agriculture was the only economic generator in the sleepy town of Dothan, Alabama. It wasn’t until the 1930s, when industrialization was introduced, that the diminutive city began to feel the tremors of change that were sweeping the country. Tradition fused with progress to create something unique in this little corner of Alabama. It was in this climate of cultural transformation that the Davis-Harper home was first conceived.

Finding Her Joy • The Smith Garden
Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” When a heart is breaking, the belief in tomorrow is sometimes all we have. “When my husband passed away, I began gardening,” Dothan, Alabama, resident Betty Smith tells. “It was a way to work through my grief,” she explains. “He passed away in ’98. We were married almost 50 years,” she continues. “I had gardened a little here and there, but nothing like I do now.”   

Handled With Care • Artist Karen Hils
It is Easter season. Folks of all ages will soon be dipping hardboiled eggs into color baths, drawing on their surface or coating the shells with stickers or wraps. But for Midland City, Alabama, resident Karen Hils, eggshell embellishment is a year-round pursuit in fine art.

Sour Power • Lemon Infusions
Coming from a long line of fabulous cooks, Dothan, Alabama, resident Lisa Pierce has perpetually had a passion for uniting folks over good food. “I’ve always enjoyed the pleasure of providing for other people,” she says. “It’s just fun. You know, everything happens around your table. It just kind of brings people together.”

A Natural Beauty • The Helms Home
“The heart wants what it wants...,” the quote by Emily Dickinson goes, and this sentiment rings especially true for Dr. Fred and Debbie Helms of Dothan, Alabama. Thirty years ago, while they were on their honeymoon at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, they fell in love with timber frame architecture. The couple decided that one day they would build a home in this style. Today, they live in that home they dreamed of for so long.

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Final Thought,  Wiregrass Living Magazine , March/April 2017

Final Thought, Wiregrass Living Magazine, March/April 2017

Final Thought, Wiregrass Living Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017


Wiregrass Born & Brewed • Beer it Is
For the beer enthusiast, not many opportunities in life can compete with enjoying a good craft beer. Much thought goes into developing an appealing product—combining the charm and science of culinary arts along with a strong working knowledge of organic chemistry and biochemistry; beer is a perfect collision of science and art.

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