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Radical Freedom • The Stickler Home

Archeologist Justin Stickler was transplanted from the Wiregrass to Orange Beach, Alabama, as a part of an oil spill emergency response team for what was supposed to be a brief relocation. Four years later, the Sticklers are thankful to finally be calling Dothan, Alabama, home once again. But this time around, home looks different.

Nestled in the middle of Geneva County’s rich farmland sits the home of Steve and Edna Earle Simmons. Though the Simmons have moved around the Wiregrass through the years, Steve putting to use his experience in commercial real estate and development to design and build each home where they’ve lived, the little community of Hacoda, where Steve’s family has had a presence since 1934, kept drawing them back.

With warm weather arriving, we begin to venture outdoors, shedding our layers and curing our cabin fever with fresh air and sunshine. Here in the Wiregrass, where the temperature only dips for a short portion of the year, it is only natural to extend one’s living spaces to include the property surrounding the home, using the land to entertain, cook and relax. Elaborate or simple, tropical or rustic, these outdoor rooms make the most of life in our region. Here, we peek over the fences of a few Wiregrass families who’ve given life outdoors priority status, constructing personalized spaces that suit their lifestyle.

If you haven’t tried ground lamb in a recipe, this is a great place to start. Redolent with the flavors of North Africa, but easily made with common pantry spices, there’s no passport required for this international sample of deliciousness.

Add a salad and this makes for a full and hearty meal.

Cold weather is no reason to forego the ooey-gooey goodness of s’mores. Just bring the party inside. 

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